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A Little About Us

We are an independent Insurance Brokerage specializing in insurance for life, health, dental/vision, cancer/illness and long term care. We work with multiple carriers so that we can be assured we find the best fit for your individual needs. We shop so you can save! Our brokerage aims to make sure that you are getting the most comprehensive coverage available at the lowest possible cost - coverage that truly fits your needs. Additionally, we work extra hard to educate you in understanding your options so that you have the peace of mind knowing you have made the best choice for yourself and for your family.

How We Got Started

Insurance is something that most everyone needs, but not many people understand. It has always been our goal to demystify insurance and educate out clients on their options - increasing the understanding of how different insurances work and empowering them to make better decisions for their particular needs and budget. Unfortunately, we feel there aren't enough brokerages and agencies that handle the business this way. It has traditionally been an industry full of confusing jargon and unnecessary abbreviations that drives a wedge between the insurance agents and their clients. Tragically, knowledge isn't often openly shared for fear of losing value or worth as someone that's needed because their client can't figure it out for themselves! We aim to transform this industry, one client at a time, by creating ah-ha moments. We are successful each time a client tells us "Now, why hasn't anyone explained it like that to me before!"

Jason Daley


Owner/Principal | Licensed Insurance Professional

Jason is an independent broker and the owner of DaleyCare, where he serves Medicare beneficiaries in Arkansas as well as the surrounding states. He graduated with high honors from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems in 1997. After graduation, he worked in the software development industry until 2010, when he co-founded a successful agency, United Life & Health, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His aim was to leverage custom software to improve the insurance brokerage business model, but along the way, he developed a passion for advising seniors on their Medicare coverage. In 2015, he founded DaleyCare, a family-owned and operated business with the same core mission and values. Jason takes an educational approach to helping Medicare beneficiaries elect their coverage. His goal is for all of his clients to be educated on what coverage they have and why they have it.

Cell: 501-760-8384

MaeLeigh Daley


Owner | Licensed Insurance Professional

MaeLeigh is an independent broker who truly enjoys helping folks fully understand all of their coverage options, thereby allowing them choose the best plan to fit their needs. She has a deeply-rooted commitment to the personal welfare of everyone she meets, and enjoys seeing her clients flourish and find great satisfaction in their distinctively-tailored care. She has an academic background in Education, and it translates perfectly to the world of Medicare - where education is in high demand! MaeLeigh also strives to make sure as many people know about DaleyCare as possible - through social media, website presence, and search engine optimization. She's a self-taught graphic designer and web developer, and has a true knack for marketing and branding. Her goal is DaleyCare for everyone!


Cell: 501-760-8302

Chris Boatright


Agency Director | Licensed Insurance Professional

Chris received a Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith in 2012. He has worked as a claims adjuster for ABF Freight System, Inc. for nearly 8 years. He has a vast knowledge of the insurance world from the side of the consumer, and decided to officially make the move to bridge his insurance wisdom into an opportunity to more directly and clearly focus on individuals and their needs. He specializes in attention to detail, and will search for every opportunity for his people to save money and receive the best care available to them. Chris has whole-heartedly found a dedication to helping folks navigate the Medicare system, and has a commitment to being your most reliable and trustworthy source for any and all Medicare questions or concerns.

Cell: 479-414-3150

Matt Moulton


Licensed Insurance Professional

Matt is one of our newest agents here at DaleyCare, and we couldn't be more excited to have him! Matt received his Bachelors in Engineering and Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University. Throughout college he worked as an engineer, before deciding to uproot his life and move to China-- where he taught English for three years. When Matt returned to the states, he made it his mission to bring health and wellness into the lives of everyone he met. In 2018, Matt realized there was more he could do to improve the lives of the people he cared about: insurance. He started by helping a few of his neighbors save money on their insurance, and from there it became an obsession. Matt is a husband and a dad, as well as an avid rock climber, hiker, and personal trainer. He is now a full time agent here at DaleyCare, and is excited to help educate his clients and save them money!

Cell: 479-522-4474

Becky Daley


Project Manager | Licensed Insurance Professional

Becky has been a licensed broker since 2012. She originally began getting involved in the Medicare world simply to help her friends and family with their personal Medicare needs. She has now been serving Medicare beneficiaries in Arkansas for over four years, and is absolutely loving it! Being a Medicare beneficiary herself, she has an intricate knowledge of the “ins and outs” of Medicare, and will always steer her people toward the best possible plan for each and every one of them. She has a penchant for talking to anyone as if they are a long-time friend, and will always make you feel comfortable and truly listened to. She loves working with other seniors, and is known around DaleyCare for her desire to passionately educate about all the confusing aspects of Medicare. (Oh, and she's an awesome mother!)

Cell: 479-719-4102

Parker Fleming


Licensed Insurance Professional | Florida Panhandle

Parker, an Arkansas native, is the our Florida Panhandle agent. Working in Florida, Parker found himself regularly helping people with various and frustrating insurance problems. When he realized what a struggle the insurance world was for so many people, he decided to take his knowledge and talent to the next level: Medicare. Parker has a natural talent for advising and aiding folks with their coverage. He is quickly making an impact in the Panhandle and the word is spreading that Parker is the go-to guy for insurance advice in the Florida Panhandle and surrounding areas. If you live in the Panhandle and need help with your Medicare, Parker is your guy! Give him a call or call 479-444-0444 to get an in-home appointment scheduled with Bay County's favorite insurance agent.

Cell: 850-819-7212

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